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Prima luna Owners - What Speakers are you using
i am using the Primaluna Dialogue 2 with Magnepan 1.7s. Mine came with the Kt88s. Sounds great but upgraded to the 120 driver tubes and Gold Lions in front. WOW is all i can say. The Base is better and soundstage bigger. Very Pleased. 
mcintosh mc402+c46 or mc402+c2200,2300
I have the mc402 and c46. A great pair. This combo has outstanding sound stage, incredible detail, and a lot of warmth. I think that is more due to the autoformers of the mc402. There is a lot of resolution between the speakers. You could buy the ... 
Minneapolis mn
I too live in the twin cities area. I have 2 systems1Mac mc402 ampMac c46 preampMaggie's 1.7sWadia dock for iPodPs audio dacGrace Internet tunerPrimaluna dialog2 integrated (not currently in use)2Phase linear 400 series 2 ampCarver 4000 preampJbl ... 
What speakers for Primaluna
I used Magnepan 1.7s with my Dialog 2 Integrated Amp. Sounded incredible