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A Better Bluesound AC Cable?
Do the Pangea SE MKII. Takes some of the brittle brightness off and tightens everything up. I am a late convert to power cable influence, but it does make a difference when the cable can stabilize voltage. Definitely worth the $50 on a $499 unit (... 
Bluesound Node 2 as a preamp?
I go Node 2 optical out into KEF LS50W. I max the volume on the KEF and use the Node’s volume control. This combo sounds much better to me than the WiFi of the LS50W and allows me to group it into house zones.  
“Invest” in Tekton?
I hated the Enzo, I LOVE the Electron. Do it.  
Tekton Impact
Powerglide- Everything sounds fantastic through these. I have been through Zu's, B&W's, Klipsch, Energy, and Aperion's, these are the end of the end for me. I cannot imagine loving a speaker more.Everything just sounds absolutely right. I thin... 
Tekton Impact
Electrons are brand new. I received I think what is the 4th pair this week- blown away. Got all the upgrades- it is the mini me of the DI vs the impact being that. Everything sounds right with these speakers- hard to explain, but the home theater ... 
laptop to DAC wireless ... what's the best way?
PlayGo USB does it and does it well