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New sheriff in town: Luxman D-10x
i saw/heard the Steve G review and he was very gushing. (I'm not into streaming yet, fyi.) I looked seriously at getting a D-10X, but couldn't really justify the $17,000 entry fee for just a very capable CD player. If it were to include streaming ... 
reco's on people willing to do audio kit assembly
Thanks for the suggestion, Tripper 
Room Conditioning
I also suggest that you invest some money via Rives audio. I went to them with a very similar project (basement room of similar dimensions and also with concrete walls), and the results after implementation of Richard's plans, are very satisfying.... 
Would like some opinions on tube rolling
Thanks for the input. I'll give them a call. 
Need Advice on Preamp - Audio Note M3 vs Jadis JPL
I'm afraid I don't have any comparative experience with these units; however, I do currently own an M5. My reaction when I began using it was how clean and neutral the unit was. There is much more air around the instrumentation. I don't know wheth... 
Turntable comments and recommendations, please
Thanks guys, I appreciate your input. So far it seems unanimous that tweeking the current setup provides more bang for the buck than an outlay on a new rig. I had thought about this option but wasn't sure whether it would provide returns equal to ...