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Vinyl Only
An amazing artist and incredible album, but I loathe Jane's Addiction "Been Caught Stealing"    
Turntable Advice on Hum/Brands
I really appreciate all the information. The first thing I am doing is installing a wall mount for isolation. If that passes the test with my entry level audio technica I will begin looking at an upgrade. Lots of good suggestions here.  
Noob question about streaming . . .
I had a Marantz integrated amp using HEOS as well, likely the same setup you have. I did not like the HEOS app so I got an ifi streamer no dac. I used the Marantz dac. That way I was able to use Tidal Connect, and much preferred the interface.   
Turntable Isolation
I have the same issue, and haven't yet, but will be getting a pangea wall mount for about 200.00. From what I've read it fixes the problem.   
Cambridge Audio Evo 150 vs Hifi Rose RS520
I appreciate the insights akg_ca. Never heard about the amperage being key.