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San Diego Audiophile group?
I am also interested.  I live in Carlsbad  
AI (Audiogon Intelligence)
I have tried the 3 AI platforms asking about are specific releases of albums are all analog AAA.   They have a lot of hallucinations on this question.  But always worth asking   
Can an Electric Car make your system sound better
Is there testing that I can do to know the quality (Lack of noise) that a specific inverter has?  Or if the inverter has good spec what to look for.  I have Roon and use a raspberry pi as one of my endpoints and use a usb battery to power it.  The... 
Can an Electric Car make your system sound better
Thanks - I figured that would be the downfall of my idea.  
Eminent Technology ET-2 Tonearm Owners
I am looking for help.  So thanks for taking the time to read.I am trying to get my 30 yr old Oracle / ET arm working again.  The first thing I did was take the table to the local Audio store.  They took a look at it and did not give me confidence...