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What capacitor would you use to upgrade Wharfedale Linton 85th Anniversary?
@jbhiller,May I request you to share the Linton crossover schematic with me and the rest, so we could benefit from your correspondence with Wharfedale?I am in touch with Mike at HEADQuarter Audio, Cologne, Germany and there is also a thread here (... 
Accuphase E-260 Voltage Conversion (100V to 230V)
I can confirm the given wiring diagram works for 100v and 230v for E-260. I changed mine to 230v. I must note that the system required some 20-30hrs of burn-in after the change.Thank you @imhifimanRegards,Abhishek 
Accuphase E-260 Voltage Conversion (100V to 230V)
imhififan,This is so helpful. many of us on this forum have reasons to thank you. I am gonna make these changes and report back if it worked. Do you also suggest changing the fuse and amplifier power cable to meet new current requirements? I am ...