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McIntosh MC 275 Mark VI
@audiofile10, I never purchased the MC275, although I might at some point, need to demo it first.  I sold both the C2300 and MC-152, not a big fan of Mac preamps.  I have also owned the C220 before.  I think the MC-152 is a good amplifier, maybe u... 
Tidal does not post the cost to buy a song or an album on their site
Try Qobuz and buy the Studio Sublime plan which is $20/month.  This allows you to buy the music (permanently).  The price of the album is cheaper from most online download sellers such as HD Tracks, Acoustic Sounds, etc. 
McIntosh MC 275 Mark VI
Good point.  I have the McIntosh C2300 connected to a Macintosh MC-152 and they speakers are Harbeth SHL5.  While I enjoy the sound, very neutral, I never quiet get excited as much, and hence the thought of buying a MC 275.  
McIntosh MC 275 Mark VI
Guys, this discussion thread was focused on amp suggestions for McIntosh C2300 and Harbeth Speakers, can we be focused on that please?  Thanks. 
McIntosh MC 275 Mark VI
I read two nice reviews about the MC 275 Mark VI in Stereophile and The Absolute Sound and was considering buying the amplifier to mate with the C-2300, but looks like there are some naysayers here.  Thanks for your input, I will wait to hear a fe... 
How does the Cambridge Azur 840C sound compared
does anyone know whether the Cambridge Azur 840C play SACD's?