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Best integrated/power amplifier under $6000
Check out the Audio Research VSI75. 
The urge to tinker is awash. What TT might better mine and why?
Side bar question, how do you like the Goldnote PH-10? Did you splurge for the separate power supply?  
Best place to sell high end audio equipment?
I’ve had success selling to The Music Room. 
VPI Prime or Scout or ???
+1 for the Super Prime Scout from Upscale Audio. I’m loving mine with the Kiseki Blue cartridge. @gillatgh I thought UA was going to do the cartridge install, but it came separate. But I had no issues doing it myself.  
Check out the Audio cables at Cable Solutions Sturdy and seems to be in your price range. 
Best sounding compact integrated amp < $2k?
Parasound Halo Integrated runs $2,495. I heard it paired with a set of KEF (LS50?) and it was fantastic.