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Warm, yet detailed tube preamp
Seems no Lab12 fans out there. So I'll add the Lab12 pre 1 to your list of suggestions.   
Borresen Loudspeakers
I purchased the Borresen x3's. Have had them a week now. There just starting to open up a bit. The bass is actually pretty good considering the 4.5 bass drivers. I'm very happy with my purchase.   
Anyone with similar equipment
I appreciate the responses. The Used Cable company actually recommended the Synnergistic Research Foundation XLR's. There speaker chose was the Audience AU24 SE upgrade from the Ohno III.  
Can you give me your speaker suggestions?
Truth be told I'm not a fan of Prima Luna. Auditioned the EVO 400 recently but wasn't for me.  With that being said GoldenEar speakers may be an option for you.   
The Right Speaker Cables
Williewonka, Thanks for the suggestions. As funds become available I'm always looking to upgrade.   
The Right Speaker Cables
Zlone I decided on the Audience Ohno lll. I have since purchased the xlr cables where I could. Replaced the rca's. Found the rca's had some background noise. They are unshielded. The xlr's are fantastic. I also went with there power cords. It took... 
Help. System sounds thin and bright or harsh
I have Parasound a21+, Parasound P6, and Parasound Jc3 jr. I wouldn't describe my system bright. Neutral would be a better description.   
Speakers with deep/powerful bass
GoldenEar Triton One.R's.   
What are your top 3 favorite female singers?
Kate Bush  Chelsea Wolfe  Marley Monroe  
The Right Speaker Cables
Thanks again for everyone's feedback. It's most helpful. I have my first pair of cables coming. I'm going to audition the Audience Ohno lll first.  I will try to get to others as I can. Signed up with, Used Cables. They have most of the cable bran... 
The Right Speaker Cables
I appreciate all of you and your suggested products. The $500 limit I thought may be a good starting point. It sounds like it's still a good starting point. Now to see about auditioning some of these great choices.   
The Right Speaker Cables
I appreciate the options. I'll look into those today. Many thanks.