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New Boenicke Audio W11 SE Speaker Review // A New Reference !?
Am also a big big fan of Boenicke speakers, particularly the ridiculously good W5. These little wonders have turned my audio world upside down. A gold Note is1000 is a wonderful match with them. But you go much higher end and the speakers won't be... 
"warm" solid state integrated amplifier
As a (reformed, with great difficulty) tube guy, I often find solid state components "bright" or more to the point not quite musical in the sense of not allowing to relax naturally into the music. One of the SS integrated I have heard (and own) th... 
Magico Mini 2
Hi - I have heard the Mini2 in a very good setup and almost bought them but didn’t pull the trigger. First I think they look superb, even though they’re fairly hefty and take as much space as a good size floorstander. The design and build quality ... 
Any Sota Sapphire experts out there?
Thank you so much for your answers. I agree Graham VTA on the fly is pretty nifty! Otherwise, how would you say the two arms differ sonically? 
Any Sota Sapphire experts out there?
By the way, excuse my lack of knowledge, but was the Graham a direct fit for the Cosmos (SME adapted?) armboard, or you had to use a different armboard? 
Any Sota Sapphire experts out there?
Hi - could you elaborate on why you preferred the Phantom to the SMEV? I am curious of the sonic differences, or is it also ease of use? Many thanks. 
Devore Gibbon X or O/96?
Keithr, as a dartz owner, I am curious on your experience with Devore and Dartzeel amps; what makes you want to go towards Jadis, and did you try? thanks. derek 
Best divorce album?
How about Ry cooder: the very thing that makes her rich (makes you poor)?Wonder how the slide master got away with singing that one!Probably many more tunes lurking in my tired brain but this is a great groovy one. 
VAC sigma vs Vac phi 200.
Hi - I am also contemplating the same question, and heard both amps in a high quality demo.The integrated was making amazingly good music, and sounded more powerful than its nominal 80w.The Phi 200 amp sounded clearly superior sonically (more oomp... 
Theta Compli vs Esoteric DV-50
I have had the opportunity to audition both the Esoteric DV-50 and Theta Compli players in my system recently.DV-50:- 1st rate build quality (including the remote); inspires confidence;- very detailed sound, yet airy and open; found it particularl... 
Meridian 596 audio/video performance
I don't know about the 598 but I found both image quality and redbook sound of my 596 both really 1st class.It definitely rivals and possibly betters the long standing reference 508.24.I have another Pioneer DVD with progressive scan and find the ... 
Best CD player now made.
I own a (beloved) 508.24 and have demoed at home the following other players:- ML 39: WAY cleaner, proper and high endish sounding but NO emotion - boring- Accuphase DP55V: detailed and articulated but also a tad souless in my humble opinion; nice... 
Best amp for B&W 802 speakers
I have N802s which I love, and am currently evaluating the 559, with a Meridian preamp.I usually use a valve amp, so am pretty picky about SS amps, but my early impressions are that the 559 is a stunning amplifier, very powerful yet subtle and mus...