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Interesting ASR review of small GR Research speaker kit
I watched the video and Amir is a story teller.  He does not just present the measurements he tells us if they are good or bad.  His interpretations of the measurements appear highly subjective.  In this and other reviews he discounts certain meas... 
2022 is almost here. Why are you here?
Here for the entertainment.   
Speaker Spike Philosophy
MIllercarbon,  Is your listening room floor concrete slab on grade or wood frame?I would think decoupling would be more effective on a lower mass / lower stiffness floor. Curious if your significant improvement with Townsend podiums is applicable ... 
Building a house
Be careful with the 12 foot ceiling dimension relative to the other two of the rectangular box.  Understand the difference between sound isolation (soundproofing) and acoustics.  Isolation is a science, acoustics an art. Only thing to add about is...