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Equipment Set-up Recommendations?
John, Make sure the the following steps.1.Stepping with 3 tip toe under the TT And make sure it will not easy to fall down.2.Level the TT.3.Level the tonearm. Adjust the counter weight to balance the cartridge with zero VTF. Then look which direct... 
What happened to Discwasher? 
Sota owners -- help needed re: reflex clamp
Hi Txp 1.There's no different on my system.But I think this rubber was design for help vinyl to colse to the plate when you press this clamp down and lock on. Have fun!Ada 
Dynavector Cartridge Load 100ohms or 47k ohms?
I think there are 2 different kind of load for mc step up.manufacture usually suggest for active 1:5-20 trans 1:1But Saddly.You still need to try...........I use a jason mc trans set on 40 ohm step up into a 47k load phono amp. 
Records are better. I actually heard it
Vinyl VS CD = How many point between 0 to 1.