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How does Totem do it ???
Yup, I own Totem's $600 low-end bookeshelf, paired with a pair of TBI MAgellan IV subs (@ $2500).The subs are hidden out of sight. The combination of the Totem's imagining and the TBI's musical low end is spectacular. A full-range system, that vis... 
Anyone using subs with Merlin VSM-ME's
I do not have expereince with the Merlins.However, I can vouch for the VBT Magellan VI sub.I just recently replaced an inexpensive Energy sub with a pair of VBTs. These subs are mated with the relatively inexpesnive Totem Mite monitors. The result... 
Vandersteen 2w sub hookup
Thanks, Themasmilkman,Now i need to confirm that my AV receiver can support this config. It has pre-outs, and 6-channel direct inputs, so i am pretty sure i can split the pre and amp sections.Off to experiment...Thanks again. regards Colin