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The Room
I always knew I needed my own place in my house where I could practice in peace and not disturb anyone. Thanks for this post, I will now revisit my office and layout, I don't think there is much room.  
Most comfortable headphones
It depends on what kind of headphones he likes. If Bluetooth, you can look at Sony I have had them for 6 years, and I do not want to change. Along with them, I used wired headphones for the computer, but the wires are constantly getting tangled.... 
Are sound bars worth it?
I also doubted whether to buy it, but when I bought it, I did not regret it. I bought an inexpensive Sony soundbar because I had doubts, you can look here¬†https://homemakerguide.com/best-soundbar-under-300/. But the quality turned out to be grea... 
Smart Home Audio
It's great that you wrote a post like this. I too am interested in this topic. I've only found individual systems, but not in their entirety. Soundbars don't always connect correctly, and it's a horror of sorts.  
Building a house
I thought about my house not so long ago, now people are working on plans, and I wanted to do the design already. Additional noise reduction, I wanted a panoramic window, but I realized it was stupid. Plus the cabinet layout.¬† 
Best Bike to ride before a good listening session
I'm all for hybrids because I like to drive to different places. Mine has served me well for almost eight years now. I'll switch to another one when I get the chance. I've got one in mind, BESPORTBLE . It's a great option, and not too expensi... 
16 years of the same system, time for change?
I changed after 10 years, but there are some things that last a very long time. That's the kind of thing I would change for. And in any case, it's just nice to buy something new, it gives you the strength to do something.