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Bi-Wire with two pairs of speaker cables
I’m a big proponent of biwiring.  I use homemade silver braid on my lows, limber monocle for my highs and I love it. Cleaner tighter bass, colorful mids, crystalline highs! 
Why Power Cables Affect Sound
I was a cable skeptic back when. Then I visited my speakers for no reason other than geekerie. I was super surprised at the improvement. I definitely think signal cables make a difference.  I can’t see power cables doing anything though. It’s just... 
How much difference does an anti-vibration audio rack make
I went from a pretty solid mdf/ metal tube rack with spikes to a sexy and cool looking all metal Boltz rack with no spikes. It freaking rings like a bell and if it’s thumped hard while a record is playing(TT is on a spiked butcher block), you’ll h... 
Catastrophic Accident! What To Do!?
Yea man, look for obvious damage and just change the tubes. I bet it’s ok.