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What Horn loaded speaker/ speaker system for $10k'ish and under
Of all the JBLs that I've owned or listened to in the last 7 years or so, the 4367s gave me goose-bumps the most.  The M2s, K2s, Everests were better in some areas, but my overall favorite was the 4367.    
Any cable delivers more bass than Cardas Golden Reference?
You should see all of the generic wire your precious music goes through before getting to the recording medium.  None of it is audiophile approved.  As humans we all want to believe in attaining acoustic perfection.  Believe me, I have tried more ... 
Acoustic treatment
I'm not going to address the reasons why you might, or might not want bass traps.  I'll just answer your question.  I've used Cotton Batting panels, Rockwool and Pressed fiberglass panels to make acoustic panels and bass traps. I prefer making pan... 
What are the top 3 dream speakers you wanna buy next regardless of price?
As others have mentioned, I'd give rein to my curiosity and buy and then sell any speaker that piques my interest.  I'd love to go to Japan and listen to one of those huge, Goto and Kinoshita horn systems for example. 
Looking for speaker recommendations
I work for a B&W dealer, and don't care for them much.  We also sell the Golden Ear brand.  Their big speakers make big bass, but it is not as tight and tuneful as others.For bass impact, a pair of JBL 4367 or M2.  I would urge you to ad these... 
Tidal sound quality
Oh yes I hear it as well! I hear that same noise when a digital capture of a track breaks up. I think it’s akin to when a digital video image breaks up into those little cubes.It seems they need to re-download those tracks again. 
Other brands similar to Dynaudio house sound?
I also liked Dynaudio when we sold them, and seem to have an inherent dislike of sharp sounding speakers as you do.  I think PMC speakers sound similar.  
Revel salon 2 break-in period?
As I mentioned, I owned them. I own JBL M2’s now. I am sorry that my opinion offended you. I posted my pertinent experience and thoughts, which I assumed you generally requested. I also have more experience than most, as I work as a professional i... 
Revel salon 2 break-in period?
I’m going to go out on a limb here as say the following;anecdotal, objective evidence suggests that there is no, or exceedingly slight change in sound during the  break-in period for speakers. I believe that it is more logical to accept that we, a... 
tubesforhifi VTA sp14 or shiit freya
I've had an SP14 for several years now, which I built stock then upgraded as funds allowed.  I've brought home preamps from VAC and McIntosh and preferred the SP14.   
Best Rocking Speakers 15K and Under
I’ll also suggest the JBL 4367’s as I used to own them. I work for a dealer that sells B&W, PMC, Paradigm, Golden Ear, Dynaudio, McIntosh etc. As a stereo fanatic and installer, I have listened with interest to all of their models in homes and... 
Anyone have issues with Revel Performa speakers
I had F208's, and had one tweeter mysteriously go out.  It was something in the crossover, not the tweeter itself. Harman quickly took care of it and swapped out the speaker for me.  I was powering them with a Classé CA-2300.  I own Salon 2's now ... 
Why should i be a fan of Revel speakers?
Another curios discovery for me has been how nicely the F208 sound even near-field.At the moment I have them stuffed into a very small (9' x 13') room, where I listen quite often within 3' of the speakers while working at a desk at the front of th...