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Living With A Class A Tube Amp
I second having Brandon build you a pair of SET amps. The tubes will last a long long time.  I’m powering my 92 db speakers 4 ohm with  833 monoblocks at  33watts per channel and they have more thanks enough power.     
40+ watts SET, cost is not a problem
My friend just finished some 52 watt single ended triodes he will be selling     
40+ watts SET, cost is not a problem
Email Paul at Bottlehead. he can build you a SET with any power you want.  he built me 33 watt per channel 838 monoblocks.  He just finished a pair of 88 watt 833 tube amps.  I listened to them the other day. They sounded amazi... 
300B SET Amp driving Wilson Sabrinas
Most people that say that won’t work have never hooked up SET to non efficient speakers. I have hooked up my Magnepans to my  807 monoblocks at 13 watts and because the Maggies are a stable 4 ohms for some reason it just works. Right now I’ve loan... 
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