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Review: Lampizator Level 5, Big 7, and the Amber DAC DA converter
Hi,I ´ve got my Lampi 5 Balanced with remote volume a week ago now and since I bought it used, roughly 1,5 years old, there is no burn in needed.Before going for the Lampi I had tested the PSA Directstream, AMR DP 777 SE and Ayon Skylla II extensi... 
Review: Lampizator Level 5, Big 7, and the Amber DAC DA converter
Thank you for the sweeping review.I´m waiting for my Lvel 5 Balanced with pre to arrive.I am really excited since up to now my Wadia 861 SE hasn´t been beat by anything yet.CheersKai 
Experience with AMR DP-777
Hi Jsch 123,did you get your AMR back already?How´s the sound of the SE version?News on this matter will be much appreciated.CheersKai 
AVM - AMP essential Pre
Hello,that´s really an interesting story.I´m from Germany and have been owning an AMP PRE for two years now.I´ve had a bunch of different pre amps prior to that - AVM V2, Burmester 877 MKII, Audionet Pre1G3, ML 26S - but the PRE really was the bes... 
Review: Wadia S7i ( an extreme upgrade ) CD Player
That´s a great story!I own a 861 SE and I´m still very happy with it. I´m using it only as DAC these days.But as it goes with us, I´m naturally thinking about upgrading to a 781 or the 7i.What really would be great, if you could post some pics of ...