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Rank the top reference DACs you've heard
Just recently auditioned the Weiss Medus and the abovementioned Soulution and CH Precision DACS. All are superb units, each with their own merits. I decided to stick with Weiss and upgraded from the Weiss Medea+ to the Weiss Medus. I also wanted ... 
"warm" solid state integrated amplifier
Accuphase Luxman Audia Flight  
What do audiophiles do in their cars?
From the early 80's, I had a number of after market systems in all my cars.  My last serious project was in 2014.  I looked at many options at updating the stereo system in my BMW 7 series, but was limited with the depth in the doors.  So for the ... 
Recommendation for a highly resolving amp
The BAT 255SE amp is a fantastic amp, amazing value for money. I run 3 X BAT VK 655SE in one of my systems which has a similar sound to the VK 255SE but more power, but I don't believe your Pass Labs amp is your problem, if you feel it lacks some ...