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Building a house
+1 to Russ' comment.Separate electrical circuits. Ethernet of course. Look into "Rockwool" or similar sound insulation techniques and see if that is of interest. 
New Klipsch Forte IV
I'm hoping we hear more from Forte IV owners, these could be a great option for me with my low-watt amp.  
Embarrassed....Audio furniture help
I have a West Elm credenza I use, with speaker stands just next to it on either side. TV is on the wall behind it, and tube amp & TT are on top. My wife thinks it looks pretty cool. Maybe if the wiring is minimal your wife would be fine with i... 
MQA Dac playing non MQA sources
+1 to jjjss above. Not all MQA is equal either. Lots of MQA files are 16/44 so basically CD/FLAC. Some are 24/96, some higher, and a *very* few go all the way to¬† 24 bit / 352 kHz.  
Uptone Audio EtherREGEN review
I think he means (and correctly uses later) "PoE", which is Power Over Ethernet. Basically, you can power a low power device over your ethernet connection from your switch or via a PoE "injector". One common use-case is for security cameras where ... 
Klipsch Heritage Range
I'm looking forward to reviews of the new Forte IV. The claimed crossover improvements are promising to me.  
Schiit customer service seems poor
Their customer support was pretty responsive for me, the one time I required their assistance. 
Do different streamers really sound different when using an external DAC
I think hard-wiring any streaming device you can is a good idea.  
Do different streamers really sound different when using an external DAC
I never even put my Node 2i on WiFi. Ethernet only. I agree, much better.  
Do different streamers really sound different when using an external DAC
I have the Node 2i & a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+. The Node 2i does not need a USB connection to output the MQA file/stream to the Mytek DAC. When properly configured as per the manual, you will see the MQA symbol and the blue or green dot next to it... 
For those that use an external DAC with node 2i
I added the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ to my Node 2i, connected via optical cable. The difference was frankly astonishing and immediate. I use Tidal Hi-Fi by the way. Music that previously just sounded good, suddenly sounded real. Soundstage, all those t... 
Tube virgin looking for tube amp under $3k
Some great suggestions. I'll second the recommendation for the Elekit TU-8600S.