What other Hobbies or Interests Do You Have?

I was curious as to what other Hobbies or Interests do you have that also take up much of your time, energy and money or is Audio the only one for you?
Being a car enthusiast is definitely my first passion. Always reading about new cars and lusting after some classics.

For me, besides my interest in building a Audio System in the past few years, I am also a Car Enthusiast and Amateur Photographer (actually I hate using that term, more like a photo enthusiast because I consider myself a novice).
All 3 Hobbies have taken much of my time, energy and money. Sometimes I look back and think, wow, what have I done?
Could have saved all that money and time.
So I guess I should list my gear if I am talking about other hobbies:

2016 Mustang GT 6 Speed (weekend car, a few modifications) and 2018 Subaru Forester XT (Daily Driver). Obviously both are performance oriented.

Camera Gear: Nikon D750 with Kit Lense, Nikon 50mm 1.8 Lense, Tamron 14-24MM 2.8G

I work exactly half the year, I fill the half off with a few hobbies one of which is enjoying music, the gear is fun too. A large piece of rural Georgia property keeps me busy, very easy to stay isolated. My other interest include a few (fun) cars, a 1985 BMW 535 full of goodies, a 2015 MK7 Golf GTI that’s boosted up nicely. I like surprising performance cars with a silly blue Golf and some old dude driving. I have a larger turbo to install which should give me another 80hp and just 25lbs of torque at the wheels, right now I am putting down 320hp, 395tq, it’s my most recent toy.
I have always observed that appreciation for audio, watches, firearms, and vehicles seems to go together. I think it’s the appreciation of the engineering and quality of the build, could be wrong. I do travel a bit, usually somewhere off the beaten path and interesting. I spend a fair amount of time restoring audio gear, sometimes selling it, sometimes just for fun and giving it away.
My Porche 911 and my Porsche Cayman - I love to drive. They have the WORST stock audio system lol

Feel free to check out my page on Facebook: DM Motorwerks

I help my wife run a homeless teen drop-in center. I'm geezer security, gofer, plant waterer, etc. We also help human sex-trafficking victims.  Sometimes frustrating and dangerous work but immensely fulfilling. Although a former gymnast, I've been relegated to playing ping pong, golf, and pickleball because of age.
Cycling. Have climbed many of the iconic mountains from the Tour, Vuelta and Giro. curious given I am the size of a circus bear and in late 60's. Wife and I have cranked out NM and AZ centuries in under four hours on our go-fast tandem. I've driven cars and motorcycles well over 100 mph. Pedestrian compared to 65 mph bombing down a mountain on the tandem or 55 on a half bike down Ventoux or the Stelvio.
Cycling, not being fond of hill climbs I’ve found a route around town here that is all down hill. Which steel frame bike excel at.