What are the best GaN Amplifiers available today?

There have been a number of threads discussing the wonder of GaN and some of the individual amplifiers that have caught peoples attention, including those from AGD, Atma-Sphere, Peachtree, LSA, etc. Has anyone done a shootout against two or more GaN amps? If so, which did you prefer, and why? And on what speakers?

Also, of the one you preferred, do you prefer it over every other amplifier you’ve ever heard? If not, what non-GaN amp do you enjoy more?

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Mytek Audio features Empire Stereo Monoblocks GanFET Amplifiers at the Munich High End Show.

Munich,  High End Show, May 7, 2024, For immediate release

Mytek Audio will feature the the new Empire Stereo Monoblock GanFET Amplifiers. Designed to complement the flagship Empire Streamer DAC the Monoblocks are housed in beautifully sculpted half rack wide, 2U tall chassis milled from single block of aluminum and can be setup as a stereo single amp or dual mono blocks.


The cutting edge Class D GanFET technology uses Gallium Nitrade transistors that are up to 30 times fast than silicon MosFETs traditionally used in current Class D designs where their slow speed is the main factor limiting the low resolution detail. GanFET transistors bring this detail back out resulting in a substantially larger soundstage, and warm, tube like velvety top and midrange, while also providing tight grip of the bass response and transients. “Mytek Tube” is used as a visual effect to reflect the amp sonic qualities and has no electronic function. Each amp is shipped with additional aluminum cover without the tube for the customers preferring a more minimal design.


The Stereo Monoblocks can operate as stereo 2x400W/4Ω or 2x200W/8Ω, or in mono biamp mode, and in mono bridge mode at 800W/4Ω or 400W/8Ω.

The amplifiers use a large 800W toroidal power supply with automatic power line voltage detection circuit and robust protection circuitry with firmware upgrades possible via USB.


Each Stereo Monoblock is priced at $9995 or 9995€ (VAT Incl). Limited stock is available for worldwide shipments starting  May 15th, 2024 as the production continues to ramp up.





POWER: Stereo Mode: 2x400W/4Ω or 2x200W/8Ω

POWER: Biamp Mode: 2x400W/4Ω or 2x200W/8Ω

POWER: Bridge Mode: 800W/4Ω or 400W/8Ω

THD: 0.005% (average level)

GAIN: 23 or 29 dB




Bandwidth: 2Hz-70kHz


POWER SUPPLY: Linear Toroid 800W, regulated for input stage

LINE POWER: 100-240VAC Auto

DIMENSIONS: WxDxH=8.5x14x3.5 inch =216x355x89mm

WEIGHT: 30lbs, 14kg



And so the parade starts....

I have huge respect for Ralph, Michal and Leo...but as well the positive aspects of careful modifications.

After living with the Orchard Audio ULTRA amps for a couple of years (they quickly supplanted my Pass Labs Monos) I decided to build a pair up from their modules with my own ArgentPur solid silver cabling wherever possible, inc all ps, input and output leads. We quickly acknowledged a similar improvement in top octave detail and soundstage dimension and "realness" (without brightness) that I and others were used to enjoying with my AgPur speaker and interconnecting cables. 

I teamed up with Orchard's previous assembler, chased a nice solid alum chassis, a more efficient SMPS, added a couple of tweaks (Mundorfs et al), and am now offering ArgentPur Monoblocs to the market.  

We're shunning front end voicing, aiming for that "straight wire with gain"; you get the great cake and frost it yourselves with a fine pre and/or exceptional DAC. Both RCA or XLR inputs; small form factor for placement flexibility. 

Power and noise specs are identical to Orchard's ULTRA (500w 4ohms, 120dB), and can be seen on the ArgentPur.audio website. Initial early adopter pricing is only $2950 ($5900/pr). We have a few pairs performing demos and out for review, hoping to start mass production this summer.

The aim of this tiny startup is to compete in the $10-20k/pr arena with very fine performance at considerable savings. There will probably be deep discounts for AgPur cables when bundled, as well, as the advantages of solid pure silver are indeed additive. Feel free to call to discuss your needs.

As so eloquently described by Michal above, the combination of exquisite Class A mids and top octaves and rock-solid bass in a cool-running format is now at hand.

I'm grateful to Leo for his phenomenal GAN-FET design, and wish Ralph and Michal great success with their iterations. Hope I can have just a tiny slice of the pie. ErnieM