Top ten DD turntables of all time?

I'm getting back into vinyl and need some suggestions. Please don't suggest belt drives!!! Better yet, let's mention only vintage DD turntables, since I feel they are superior to anything being manufactured today.
The best turntable  in my opinion is  the .Audio  - technica  TA -LP 1240  -UBS  TURNtable.
I have a Marantz 6300 DD Turntable I bought in 1976. Still plays like brand new. 
Best DD for the money, Denon DP 790.  Base can be tamed with soft rubber feet and with a good arm it is such a great value.  I also love the Technics SL 110 (1100) replace the plastic thing at the bottom of the bearing spindle with a piece of soft teflon sheet. Like the big JVCs/Victors - QL 5 to the 101 and all between. I used the Micro DD1000 years ago and it was great (what a platter).  BUT I still love my Lenco with the real suspension on the metal plinth.