The very best new/used under $3k for classical?

Rather than a list of "interesting" speakers, I am looking for opinionated individuals here who regard one or two models as very best for the following purpose:

1. Mostly listen to classical, but all kinds. Extended listening at both high as well as low volumes.
2. Non-fatiguing nature, musicality, quality of sound most important.
3. Full-range floorstanders, small footprint.
4. Medium size room, placement may have to be within 2-3 feet of walls.
5. Should work with a 60 w ss amp (can't upgrade everything at once).

6. Should be sturdy against normal use. No sound is good enough if you are afraid to turn up the volume or the speaker needs repair all the time.

7. Adequate WAF.

8. Must be noticably better than the speakers I have (Spendor BC1) or already know about (SP1/2, Proac D15/25. Dynaudio Contours).

9. New or used, under $3k (tops, 2-2.5 preferred). As the best values may lie in discontinued models and used units, I may have to be prepared to buy without audition.

I am open to small audiophile companies as well as established big names.
I agree with Herman; if you are thinking about Vandersteens, definitely audition before buying. In addition to the qualities that Herman outlined in his post, I find the 3a sigs, even augmented by two Vandy subs, become confused on big orchestral pieces in passages where the fur is really flying.

In addition to speakers allready suggested, I'd have a listen to Vienna Acoustics and Sonus Faber.
Thanks fo all the replies so far. Many of these names are familiar to me, but Castle and Verity were not on my radar screen. I am surprised nobody has nominated Silverline, Tyler, GMA, Zu, etc., the names that get enthusastic support in this forum.

I have the gut feeling that there are many other "unknown" (at least to me) geniuses building truly great speakers and I hope to unearth at least a few other names.

By Googling around I came across Orion and Salk. The Orion (~7k) is beyond my present budget but some revieweres have called it absolutely the best speaker in the world! However, I can consider Salk's speakers.
If I were you and were looking for the best bang for my buck, I'd probably be looking at used Vandersteens or Von Schweikerts.
Look for the Diapason Adamantes III, and Verity
Fidelio, they sound good as the way they look.
This speakers are both musical.Good Luck
For different reasons both my wife and I like a floorstander, so I'd look into Verity for sure.

The following is in the spirit of general discussion if people want to pick up the thread:

Other than having adequate WAF, I'd like most of my $'s going towards sound rather than cabinet looks and finish. While some products are certainly well-designed I get the impression they are "overpriced", or to be more precise, much of the money goes for the name and looks. I felt that way about B&O, Sonus, etc. Actually I have had that impression of Italian designs in all walks of life not just audio. This is different from the impression gathered by many British brands. I wonder what your experiences and opinions are?