Stack Audio Auva speaker isolators

A set of used IcoAcoustics Gaia came up for sale.

Some Google searches later, I came upon this review by Hans Beekhuyzen comparing the Gaia to Stack Audio Auva. I’ve enjoyed his reviews.

This came up at the same time

Had discussions with Josh at Stack Audio about suitability with stand mounts and speaker stands.

Paid for a set of Auva70 today. Will evaluate at a later date.


I'm waiting on the Auva's for my speakers. Friday and Monday were a holiday over there, so they didn't get shipped until yesterday. 

Evank please offer your assessment of the Auvas.

Which version are you using?  What changes are you hearing?  Thanks.

@sgordon1 I returned them. I bought the Auva 50 for my Spatial Audio M3 Saphire speakers. Unfortunately, they caused my whole room to vibrate. Maybe if I purchased the larger version things might have been different. I've been using the SVS Sound Path footers with exceptional results. I too was intrigued by the reviews saying the Stack product was better than the Isoacoustics which I have never tried. I have no issue with the SVS footers, and I was just curious about Stack. Not looking to try anything else and I will stick with what works for me.

@evank  Can you explain further what you mean by "they caused my whole room to vibrate" . I'm trying to understand how this would happen.

@facten Sorry let me clarify. They made my speakers vibrate Which transferred the vibration along the floor which caused my couch to vibrate while sitting down