Smart Hub Recommendations

Hi There, smart home is such evolving over the past few years, and it just keeps on improving. Technology is at its finest if I may say. 😯
I only have an Alexa at home and I’m thinking of adding a smart hub to make my home smarter. So far I’ve heard very good feedback for SmartThings and Wink. Check the Wiredshopper review for a nice reference. They both offer a range of connectivity options. The only decision breaker perhaps is the failsafe option of SmartThings because of its AA batteries. Well, I don’t think that’s a major redesign for the Wink but they should be looking at that. Any other personal experiences with SmarthThings or Wink? 😎

""The best recommendation that could be for people who want to make a smart home is to turn to specialists. In order for your this to be truly your helper, you need to know who to contact. For this, the company Smart POS system does its best to make your home help you and you do not make unnecessary chores around the house.""


I agree this company is one of the best in IT development.

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I also want to do something cool in my smart home. Not only do I love music, I love sports. I want to make my own voice functions in the training room that will play my music for me and dictate training programs from