Seeking Budget CD Player Suggestions

I also posted this question in another forum. A friend of mine has an early 90s era Mac CD player which is on its last legs. Great player in its day, but he is on a budget (around $500) and needs to replace it, preferably new, dealer demo, open box, etc. Rotel CD-11 and Marantz CD-6007 have been suggested as top picks in that price range. Any other suggestions, ideas, reasoning for a particular model? If Rotel, would the Tribute or Mk. II edition be preferable? 


I would stay away from multidisc players

Cambridge Audio is generally good.

Marantz - flaky (mine broke twice in 6 years)

NAD and older Rotels - not the highest quality

Audiolab gets rave reviews

check out


Had an NAD C525 BEE for twenty years and it was a champ. You can find one now probably for less than $200. I also like the more recent Rotels - they sound great and seem to have quality parts.

A weird one: Nakamichi OMS-1A. Found one for $80. It sounds great and has the smoothest operating drawer I've ever experienced.

is he looking new or used? new, the marantz 600x may be your only decent option at that price point. (the 6006 was 425-475, the 6007 is a bit more).

@jafant Just dig out the PS1. Feeding it to my thrid system in the study room that include Parasound Zpre2 -> A23 -> NHT SB3, I had semi-full range of engaging music down to 39 hz...