Quality RCA Switchbox

Does anyone know of a quality RCA switchbox that will accept several RCA stereo inputs and have one pair of RCA outputs so I can use several sources with a preamp with only 3 line level inputs?

Same question applies to digital sources; any digital switchboxes for coaxial sources that have a coaxial output so multiple coaxial digital sources can be routed to the single coaxial input of a DAC?
Jena Labs makes these to order, well built with high quality parts. A member here, Mike Lavigne uses one.
Hi Mes,

I just enquired with Jena Labs about a custom-made switchbox similar to the one Mike Lavigne uses and they quoted me between $6000-7,000. A bit rich for my blood, but I am sure they are fantastic. I might have to look at the manley SkipJack instead which uses sealed relays and sells for around $900.

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