PS Direct Stream latest firmware, "Snowmass"

Just installed the latest firmware "Snowmass" that is offered by PS Audio and WOW what a difference in sound quality! Wider, deeper soundstage and with increased dynamics. The sound also has such a purity of sound that I just can’t believe.

Right now it is in Beta testing, the firmware should be available to all others Monday at NO cost!

"It’s the gift that keep’s on giving Rusty".

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My wife is a lifelong music lover who hears the improvements that I make. One week ago, I bought and installed a DirectStream Sr. On Thursday morning, I installed Snowmass, set up a 10 hour playlist and went to work. When I got home, it was pretty clear that my wife hadn’t got much done during the day. The only word that she could utter was ‘hypnotic’ -nshed listened to music all day and, according to her ears, with this DAC, we scored big.
Wait until you get 750+ hours of break in time on the may have to hire a housekeeper. 8)
I just listened to the Direct Stream with Snowmass at a family members home and it was impressive. I’m a big fan of AMR and own a DP 777se, and two custom AMR CD 77.1’s. I love how they sound and compare to my turntables. I recently had a Berkeley Ref (1st gen) that literally got crushed by my iFi iDSD Bl dac, no joke, it was ugly! All this to say I am not easily impressed by digital (have heard the big MSB and DCS gear) but the Direct Stream (only 50 hours on it) was very very good, very involving. If I were looking to buy a 7th dac :) the DS would definitely be on my short list along with a Denafrips Terminator.

The DS is an impressive piece of audio gear.