phono cartridge for krell

what is the best value in a phono cartridge for the krell ksp-7-b pre amp? thank you.
Sean is right though in what he says about getting the right cartridge for the arm before you start looking downstream. Try and get to speak to someone who knows about the Rega arm and get a better idea of suitable cartridge then look to match that combination to the pre..?? Best of luck!
I am no vinyl expert whatsoever. I know the basics and that's it. Try posting this question over in the vinyl asylum at someone over there will surely be able to help you. Sean
thank you for your help. i know nothing about t.t. but what is told by magazine and opinion. why because my town is not knowledgeable in this area.i thank you again for your assistance.thank you. lunna.
Two problems: #1 The BPS is a terrible cartridge. Try a Benz Micro. #2 The Krell electronics are COMPLETELY devoid of tonal accuracy. Try Electrocompaniet.