Ohm Walsh F Hope of Resurrection

Now I have F's with rotten surrounds, but rest look nice, perfect even. Cones, spiders look great. 

One surround is done, decimated.  Other is intact, perhaps replacement as is not identical. 

Perhaps I try replacing surround? 
Any new and improved surround options? Willing to replace/ get repaired more, if necessary.  

Cursory search doesn't reveal any drop in replacement.  Or, am I wrong? I see the Ohm return/upgrade to newer version options. 

Experienced and insider opinions sought. I'm not cheap, and I'll spend the money to obtain the exceptional if needed. So, what are the likely and less likely options   TIA
What is that one "clone", HHR? Need to check...  i heard it at a show years ago. 
I was reading on another thread here - possibly even this one - that Bill Legall only does one pair per year and he's not happy about that because it's so labor intensive and time consuming. I have great respect for what John Strohbeen has done to keep the company going and remain viable, but the omf upgrade he offers is really just putting a new generation driver on the old cabinet, and requires you to send in your old Ohm F drivers. Speaker exchange in Tampa Florida still rebuilds them. I think they still sell the spiders in the foam but they no longer sell the voice coils. Properly rebuilt, they are a superb speaker. Yes there are modern speakers that are far more sensitive and have characteristics that are very desirable, but there's nothing quite like the F. Bill did the rebuild on mine for the previous owner. He was a guy who jumped around from one speaker to another, and I was lucky enough to snag them at a very good price. I actually had a guy here in Raleigh come and hang out this afternoon to listen to mine, because he has a pair of high-end monitor speakers that have phenomenal presents and imaging but the sweet spot is so small that if you move your head a few inches to either side, you lose significant amounts of sound. I don't think he has made a decision yet, but I think for his purposes the new model 2000 is probably a good fit.
Ohm F is the product of creativity.
CLS is the product of engineering.

One works in a fantasy world; the other in the real world.

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