The lightspeed preamp opens up all the information that was missing, and that we never new about or thought we were getting...It is truly amazing..quiet and out of the way, but you listen in a different way.  As if the system disappears and the music is in the room!   System is the MSB digital tranport which stores a disc onto a cd rom
drive and then plays back without jitter, then An Audio note Dac 3 sig with the famous BB "K" chip, which is top for redbook playback, then a JL2 Sig CAT amp which has 1000 joules of headroom!  The Cat preamp has been removed, and tended to be too lean and now, with the lightspeed the amp is singing, balanced sound effortless peaks in a relaxed state, not pushed through electronics.


careful before you buy the Ifi wall wart to upgrade...buzzing noise that did not go away when a source was used..a real pain because you hope for something to improve...!  Chinese made stuff is really a hit or miss