Keeping cables off the floor

Does keeping interconnects and speaker cables off the floor make sense? What differences would you expect in a high resolution system ? What would you use to separate them from the floor? What 's the idea behind this tweak? Suggestions are eagerly awaited....
We carried out some prototype trials using 2" uPVC pipe with cables suspended in the center. The results were quite interesting. The project was aimed at a commercial application but we are not going to "run" with it so it would suit those who have the time to make something similar at home. If anyone would like details please feel free to email me at
PVC pipe is a static electricity generator, just run your hands along a length and you can pick up a charge. When used in a sawdust collection system, it has to be grounded along its entire length to prevent sparking as the dust moves along and the subsequent explosions of the dust that can ruin your whole day. While short pieces are undoubtedly safe, if you buy into this suspension thing which, if true, must depend upon the interaction of sub-atomic particles at the quantum level, any potential static field could ruin the effect. Comments? Mr. Heisenberg? .... Anybody?

As Kitch29 states PVC is very susceptible to static charge and if you use uPVC pipe it is very important to ensure a good ground plane is incorporated. This is what we did with our own project. Not ensuring good grounding just defeats the whole idea. Part of the purpose of suspending cables in the first place involves the reduction of static charges anyway and this is why a lot of people notice a difference once they move their cables away from potential static generators such as carpets manufactured from synthetic fibers. Jack Bybee is the guy you want to ask about sub-atomic particles and their interaction. Regards, Richard.
David: "Arch" balls meaning used in the same manner as crown molding in a room (for example I installed plaster cherubs in the uppermost corners of the main bedroom in this application). I just don't know if they should be reflective (plastic or plaster) or if they should absord the sound energy (styrofoam, or if painted would probably have both qualities). Styrofoam balls are easy to obtain at any art store or god forbid craft shop (seeing middle aged women running around in sweaters/sweatshirts with 3D "bears" on the front drives me a little nuts, my mother has one as well).
I got a cheap one for all of you.
Go get water pipe insulation tubes. Its cheap and looks good plus keeps them up off the floor & seperated.