IMF speakers and KEF B139 woofers

I have a pair of 25 year old IMF Monitor Mk III transmission line speakers. One of the woofers is damaged. Does anyone know how to get these repaired, or better yet, replaced ? They are KEF B139 flat oval woofers, 13"x9".
There are some units available from time to time here in the UK. What damage do you have? Regards, Richard.
Richard (Vantageaudio) - thanks for your quick reponse. I believe the speakers were overdriven (not by me, by someone who was house-sitting for me). On one of the woofers, the voice coil is out of alignment, and at high (not excessively high) volumes, on certain low frequency notes (on some recordings), it can be heard rubbing against the magnet - rather ugly sounds, not musical at all!! I would like to replace both woofers if I can, but only one if that is all that can be foind. By the way, do you also get other replacement drivers for these speakers, such as midrange (KEF B110), and tweeters and supertweeters ?
thanks for your reply. Matt Bonn (
Hello Matt. We send any drivers we need repairing to an associate company in the UK. They repair pretty much anything speaker related. I can ask them Monday about your specific problem. As far as replacement drivers go we search around our contacts when we need them and have found the B139 and B110 units are out there. Tweeters like the T27 have become very scarce although some versions are available if one exercises patience. If you do repair your units I would recommend you have them repaired as a pair. Hope this helps you, regards, Richard.