Highest BUILD quality tube amps?

Not so much with sound...lots of ways to fine tune thru tube rolling, etc. I'm just curious which tube amps are built to last for many years with the least amount of repairs. I know Mcintosh comes to mind for longevity. I was snooping around on the web and Air Tight seems to be built like a tank and I've never read any poor repair histories. Luxman same thing. Any others come to mind?
VAC and Audio Note Japan are some of the best sound and built quality.Buy one ASAP!!!!
deHavilland Hi Fi builds very solid amplifiers. Simple construction all hand wired and wait for it " made in America " 
Many valve amplifier companies represented, here.  I can recommend Atma-Sphere and BAT from personal experience.  Different sound from quality outfits.
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Absolare gear is top notch, gilded-tank-like solid, very responsive to tube rolling, and the personal service they provide (especially to facilitate experimentation) is second to none. They don’t get much forum time in North America, but they deserve more IMHO.