Help me configure a wireless solution

I'm looking to install an audio solution in my vacation home and could use some advice.

My primary goal is to upgrade my TV sound, but my TV is a very tight fit in an enclosed cabinet. The way the cabinet is constructed, there's plenty of room behind the TV, but almost zero to the sides or front - no way a typical soundbar would fit. Even if I could make it fit, anything with up-firing drivers seems like a bad idea because it would just be firing into the interior of the cabinet. 

The "right" answer would be to demolish the cabinetry and start over, but it's part of a full wall-to-wall built in setup that would be very costly to replace. I'm stuck with it. 

I can probably fit a very small center channel speaker or some really small satellite speakers above the TV - something like the Focal satellite or possibly a Gallo A'Diva...maybe even a pair. These are passive speakers, so I'd need some sort of amplification. I use AppleTV, so I'm thinking it would be AppleTV->HDMI->Amp->TV. 

The other option would be to go wireless and connect directly to AppleTV via Airplay. I like this idea because I suspect at some point I'll want to add a sub to the mix and having the infrastructure to do it wirelessly seems like it will be a good idea. Plus, at some point, if I can find something I'm happy with, I'd probably add a second zone in another room - again much easier wireless.

Still, I hesitate to go wireless. I have a few wireless speakers, including three very expensive B&O ones, and I've never been impressed with the connection much so that my B&O A9 ends up wired directly to a computer because I couldn't get it to play consistently from an Apple device five feet away. Yet, the wireless option would be nice, and if I could also stream music to it from Alexa or Siri, I'd be happy with that. 

I should add that I'm picky about sound home theater in my main home is filled with exotic high-end gear, and while I'm not looking to duplicate that in my vacation home, I at least want something that's not going to leave me wanting to turn it off after five minutes. 

I don't really have a budget firmly in mind...if I can get something I'm happy with, I don't mind spending for it.

So, with that background, any particular products come to mind?

What do you think would sound better - amplified passive speakers or high-quality wireless? 

Does the wireless gear from Sonos (etc) actually work well with Alexa (or Siri), or am I going to spend months wading through software issues and instability?

Curious what others are doing for this sort of thing...


You don't say how big the room is so this solution may not be best. But.... 

I love my paired Apple HomePods. (2) Great sound. Apple TV sees them no problem.

Give them a listen. Simple and elegant solution. Floor stands and wall mounts are available.

Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I have a lot of Apple gear, but I don't have any experience with HomePods. I'll certainly check them fact, I've been thinking to replace my Amazon Alexa with one as a solution to my instability issues with my B&O speakers - the B&O has both Bluetooth and AirPlay2, but Amazon Echo is only Bluetooth. Perhaps it will make a difference. 

Unfortunately, the space where my TV is happens to be a very large's about 24x24, with ceilings that run about 20 feet. It's also a very "live" space acoustically - lots of glass and hard surfaces - and a very open floor plan that leaves few options for traditional speakers. 


Given the TV cabinet space limitations (and the size of the room) you could consider placing the L & R HomePods closer to the listening position. I use a pair in a nearfield setup on either side of my easy chair. Remember, HomePods are a 360 degree speaker that 'listen' to the room and adjust output accordingly. 

They have a decent Stereophile rating and a surprising low end. Great for movies and music. 

I am amazed at how a pair of HomePods, an iPhone, and decent WiFi creates - for me - a terrific low cost stereo setup. (Emphasis on 'decent' WiFi.)

Good enough for me.