Green Pen treatment on CD inner edge

After researching previous threads, I would like to know your opinion of treating the inner edge. I am sure it has some sonic benefits... I definitely like the outer edge treated, but I am a bit leary. Have you ever had a disc fail to queue up after treating the inner hole? Have you noticed any flaking of a treated inner edge, a possibilty mentioned in previous threads? By the way, I have never noticed outer edge flaking, even on discs treated years ago.
I only have a few green treated disc and the green is flaking off some of them but the discs are okay, no flaking of the cd itself. I much prefer using auric illuminator and the black felt marker. I could never tell if the green felt just made it different not necesarialy better..cheers, Bluenose
I don't know about treating the inner edge, but I've found that a green (or black) sharpie pen works great on the outside edge. I don't have any CDs that it has worn off or flaked at all.
i have only had the cd stick on a couple of cd players.
but mostly car players. i just took the back of a pen and rounded the inner hole with some pressure a few times, taking the edge down a little then they work with no problem.
they do hold better in the jewel case also.