ghentaudio Ethernet cable review-wow-90 bucks

I had been reviewing ethernet cables threads on AG and noticed a couple of members recommending ghentaudio as a reasonable and valuable upgrade. I am not a flat earther so I was open to spending up to $1000 for a cable in a cable shootout from the cable company. I had been using the ethernet cable that was shipped with my dCS Bartok. I decided to order the Belden CAT6 with Metz ends from ghentaudio. I'm listening to it right now and it is significantly better than my standard cable. I will not be looking for another ethernet cable for a while for sure. The biggest gain is in the depth of image, good improvement!  Its sonically slightly more detailed, and musical. These improvements are not huge, but they are audible to me. I would also mention that  its very well made and the steel ends are impressive, however I don't really care how it looks, its how it sounds. Thanks to whoever clued me in to this cable. To the bit non-believers, it's 90 bucks, give it try, I think you will be glad you did. This was 90 bucks well spent. BTW it took 25 days to get to me, so you might want the upgraded shipping. 
Hans tried the ENO after the ER. You’d think that putting it before the ER would be beneficial. You’d think that the ENO would do most of the filtering but that one would still benefit from the re-clocking performed by the ER.
Exlibris, I'm going to wait to hear from you when you have both the ER and the ENO in house. Look forward to hearing what you say. I've been buying my own education and its getting expensive! What started out as a 90  buck cable is getting out of control! Grannyring seems to have grabbed the golden ring. 
I like to make just one change at a time so instead of putting the ENO filter and the cable in, I just put in the cable.
The cable is the best I've heard in my system. It is very natural and brings my digital closer to my analogue than ever before. On some vocal recordings I really get the sense that I'm hearing the mic feed.
It's also very authoritative and strongly plants images in my room and projects their sound to me. -all this without any aggression; it's very relaxed and has nice musical flow.
I'll put the ENO in on Tuesday I think.