Focal Scala EVO with Luxman M-900u amps, yay or nay?

Whether you or a friend actually owns this combo, or you just heard it somewhere, please share your findings.

Want to plug a dCS Vivaldi with upsampler straight into the M-900u. I may add the C-900u pre amp if necessary. Or even a second M-900u power amp for 600wpc monoblocks.

Does this match well with the Focal Scala EVOs?

For whatever it is worth, a few months ago I called Precision Audio & Video in Chicago (they list on Audiogon) as I was thinking of trading in my Pass Labs x250.8 for some Pass Labs mono blocks to power My Scala Utopias.  The owner said he was one of the biggest Focal dealers in the US and the best amp he has ever heard to power the Scalas was the M-900u.  It might be worth it to speak with him.  Are you currently using one M-900u in your setup?
Thank you, such recommendations are encouraging!

I'm building a new system from the ground up. 

Currently I have Focal Sopra 2 with Cambridge Audio NQ and W. Sounds good in my living room, but I need more bass and power to fill up the room. My living, kitchen and study area add up to 1,200 square feet of open space.

Did you end up trading in your Pass X250.8? You should audition the M-900u as monoblocks :)
No I still have my x250.8 and do love it.  The Scala Utopias will fill your room with bass and power.  I have dual subs and sometimes I turn them off, forget to turn them back on and find myself very satisfied without the subs.  If you could provide the M-900u’s as mono blocks for me, I’d love to audition them.