Ever Bought an Audio Product that was Stupid Good for the Money?

This is the place to share. Please no shills. 
The best dac in the world, ratio price/ sound quality, the Starting Point Systems NOS dac, TDA 1543, with internal batteries...For 20 bucks on Ebay...If you dont want to buy the Denafrips Terminator it is the deal...

It is completely minimalistic design, then low noise...And with my audio system there is no perceptible limitations on all counts, details, dynamics, holographic soundstaging etc...

A dac is the most difficult piece of gear to buy... It is easy to buy low cost used or vintage top speakers, same thing for an amplifier... But a dac which is top musical quality? ( not a cheap microscope) Try to find another one at your own risk or try it.... :)
Yeah, I bought a pair of Linn Majik 140s on a clearance sale for half price. Also found a Majik 112 Center channel to match it on ebay for about 1/4 the price of a new one. 
 Vintage Fisher 500c receiver for $1. I’m not hot dogging you. 🌭