Does having an object inbetween the speakers bad?

Hi, I am unsatisfied with the soundstaging of my current setup. In particular I am not getting the 3d soundstage (depth) that I would like. Currently, I have my audio rack in between my speakers. Rack itself is about 3 ft tall. Could having this rack in between my speakers be causing my lack of soundstaging?

Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated!
The best rule-of-thumb is to ensure your rack's highest component is lower than the midrange driver of your speakers.

Adhering to this general rule should not affect soundstaging. Even if your rack is a bit higher, my hunch is you will still hear no difference.

For starters, trying bringing the speakers further out into the room so that there is at least 5 or 6 ft between the front face of the speaker cabinet and the wall behind the speakers.

Thanks . i know I've got to move the TV(sony wega 40 inch) but it weighs over 300 pounds and I am in no shape to budge it.
Having a reflective object, like a TV screen, between speakers is bad for the midrange center soundstaging. Pull speakers out from wall & put a rug or heavy blanket over the reflective object when critically listening.
Everything affects everything. A mega tv of 300+lbs will have some affect. The less you block or absorb the sound the better the results. If things did not affect or produce an effect we would not need to tweak.