Does having an object inbetween the speakers bad?

Hi, I am unsatisfied with the soundstaging of my current setup. In particular I am not getting the 3d soundstage (depth) that I would like. Currently, I have my audio rack in between my speakers. Rack itself is about 3 ft tall. Could having this rack in between my speakers be causing my lack of soundstaging?

Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated!
No, lack of soundsatge is to to your gear. 90% of set ups have rack between speakers. Look for a week link in your system. Speakers cd.
Big screen = NG. Try putting a rug or throw over it and moving your speakers forward.
I would have to agree with others as I have an audio rack (3.1/2' tall), a TV and TV stand and couple of plants between my speakers. It will likely be a weak link in your system or speaker placement. Have you tried repostioning your speakers? I played with my speaker placement for days (if not weeks) before I got it right. Now I have good depth & hieght with reasonable width. Your room is going to play a big part in soundstaging as well, I know mine does.
Good luck.