Do the Audio gods shine upon you?

Has anyone else had this experience or am I just nuts? You sit down for a quiet evening of Hi Fi listening and after some warmup time you suddenly realize that your system sounds dramatically better than it did the night before. I am talking about those little things like more resolution, low level detail. You know, those things that turn audiophiles on. I am almost afraid to turn my system on again for fear that the "audio gods" have abandoned me.
Go with the force luke. Let the circuits in your head tell you anything they want. Groovytube prays to the same god. Appeal to his wisdom but rembmber it's only a game.
I've never had the system sound dramatically better without doing something, but I have felt the sound sometimes changes from night to night, with some evenings better than others. I attribute this to minor changes in room configuration (a pile of books that wasn't there the other day, pillows on the backrest of the couch against the wall and windows instead of on the seat cushions, my wife sitting in one position or another in the room, etc.) On the other hand, sometimes I point these suspected changes out to my wife, who kindly suggests, "might we be obsessing just a little a bit, dear?" To which I reply, "Of course... what's your point?" :-)
Slowhand: I experience changes for good (and bad) quite often as I live in LA where the juice is quite iffy at times. Right now the system sounds smoother, but with less detail and my computer keeps crashing. I assume that it because of continuous Brown Outs but won't know until I drop the CPU off at the shop. I may have to end up getting a voltage regulator or external power supply for the computer if this is the case. I use a cheap power conditioner for the main stereo, but it does nothing for low amperage. By the way, I have been certified as "sane" within the past six months.