DAC contest: Border Patrol Sei or Chord Qutest?

I had a thread about CD transports hijacked by a member who insisted that I had to ditch the Border Patrol before doing anything else in my system. No idea how he landed on the Chord, but he did.

So, here you are... a place to stomp some more on the Border Patrol and praise the Chord... lol.

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This is a comparaison between the two... and it mirrors my findings. This being said, both are very good.                                           ihttps://youtu.be/XmPRQzsM0Cw?list=PLZToa7thVvKgKSc-EaIFy1f8i07BVkn6v


That Denafrips caught my eye a while ago. If the DAC was on the table I would likely agree and get one...