Best Wireless ear buds for SOUND..??!

What wireless ear buds SOUND best?
Dont care about touchless, or noise cancel, or phone really.

Ive tried latest Cambridge Audio...nope/
Tried Sennheiser....nope.

They are lifeless and just cant get loud enough.

What wireless ear buds can actually rock??

For sound quality it’s b&w pi7 or beoplay ex.. Sony 1000xm4 comes in third. The Sony beats them in noise canceling  

I’ve tried a LOT of TWS earbuds, and the best-sounding pair -- and the one I own -- is the AKG N400NC.

Pretty neutral. Excellent imaging. Solid soundstage for a bud. Tuned to the Harman curve.

Sony's are great -- if you LOVE bass and hate mids. A V-shaped nightmare, like all Sony wireless cans. I'm less than impressed with Sennheiser's TWS buds even though I own/have owned its wired, over-cans and enjoy them.

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