B&W 805D2 or Magico Q1?

Has anyone compared these two speakers? with all of the over-the-top reviews for the B&W's and the reputation held by Magico for their pursuit of a new paradigm of perfectionism i am left wondering if there is any real competition or should i just trust the numbers, i.e. $24,950 vs $5,000...? i am not trying to start a fight here either, but theoretically what more can "anyone" do with a woofer and a tweeter with a single crossover and a rock-solid cabinet?
just as an aside, $5K used to buy you a (new) state-of-the-art FULL-RANGE B&W speaker system that could play at LIVE SPL's. of course they couldn't compete with Wison's or Sonus Fabers for resolving fine detail, but umteem improvements later we (supposedly) have a whole new ball game out there.
Mr. EELLII08- i was merely speculating about a tower-style system (like the MM3's by evolution acoustics for ex.) with B&W drivers, perhaps even 2 x 12" woofers
instead of 10's, perhaps even self-powered, etc. that would be one heck of a cool project for them to try. they certainly have the facilities and the expertise to make speakers that can throw a really large image into a good-sized room. AND the price could probably be "a little" more reasonable than Kharma or Magico, Wilson, etc.
Even so, i do believe the 805D2 speakers, while also not inexpensive, can make a lot happen on the other end of the size/cost spectrum.
look, once upon a time i had a pair of used ADS L-15/90-II speakers ($1200!) with two 10" woofers, a mid and a tweeter/side that sounded really terrific.
and the beat goes on....
P.S.- Mr. Usermanual, no problem, just recovering from the attacks further up the list
of comments regarding the degree of difference between the Magico Q1's and the B&W 805's.
both great speakers but you are comparing apples and oranges. That being said a great review article would be the new mini monitors b&w 805, focal diable, raidho c1.1, magico q1, As good as the B&W is (i own 800D) the magico cabinet and drivers are state ot the art and is a speaker I could consider replacing my floorstander with. As well the equipment you would need or use properly with these 2 quite different producte is significant.
I read a review by What HiFi magazine of the B&W 805Ds and although they liked them a lot, they felt they did not have the pace, rhythm and timing or they said something to that effect. I've not heard them and have heard the older Matrix 805s with tube gear years ago and liked them a lot, but they need to be played somewhat loud to get going, and I generally play music at more modest levels and with lower powered equipment. But I too am tempted to get the 805Ds. I may instead get something like the Spendor SA1s or Reference 3A mm deCapo i's.