B&W 803 Nautilus -HELP

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I have a home theater set-up..

B&W 803N Front
B&W HTM2 Center
B&W 805N Back
Tag Mclaren AV32REX- Preamp-Surround Processor
Mark Levinson 334 for Front speaker
Bryston THX 5 channel amp for others
Tag Mclaren F3 CD20R Cd player.
Silver Sonic Q10 speaker cables


Home theater is awesome but

Music - STEREO not so good.

Or should I sell the B&W and get JM LAB instead??

What can I do to rectify the situation
Thanks for your responses. You have been most helpful. Just one other question. Do you think the Levinson 334 is enough power to drive the 803's? My living room is quite small 15'x 18'. Thanks
System update.

I am also using:

PANASONIC 42" PHD5 (1028x768) PLASMA- 2003 MODEL

Should I upgrade my DVD player and should I buy a scaler for my plasma- the high res model doesnt display as good a picture as the low-res Panasonic
I don't know if the 334 is powerful enough to drive that
speaker to max enjoyment. I heard the N803's driven by a Plinius sa-250 and it sounded great. I would also
look at speaker placement. Speaker placement can make the difference between heaven and hell -- how
far apart are the speakers? How far from the walls?
Do you have them toed in? Also, room treatment?
Do you have bare floors, a lot of windows?

Sometimes something as simple as a throw rug
or window coverings will improve your sound
DO NOT SELL THE SPEAKERS OR YOUR 334!!!! I OWN N803 AND A 335 AND JUST SOLD MY LEVINSON 39. I had 2 audio rooms now what you need to do is buy a Surround processor that has a great 2 channel section and I would tell you to look into the Classe gear like a ssp30 or ssp50 or ssp75 they have A SPECIAL SECTION FOR 2 CHANNEL LISTENING. REMEMBER ONE THING ANYTIME YOU PLACE A TV IN BETWEEN YOUR SPEAKERS YOU LOSE YOUR DEPTH AND WIDTH OF THE SOUNDSTAGE. Also the bryston amps are not the best match for any B&W Series matrix or nautilis. I would buy a CLASSE CAV 500 5 channel surround amp at 200 or 250x5 and it has a very very warm presentation and CLASSE IS A GREAT MATCH FOR YOUR B&Ws. thats why Iam selling all my gear and keeping my N803 And buying the HTM AND N805 THE CAV 500 OR THE CAV 180 YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY AND I know its hard to part with the LEVINSON 300 SERIES THEY ARE GREAT. I will qoute somene who worked for Levinson for many many years and was 3rd in command he works for CLASSE NOW AND HE SAID " I MUST HAVE HAD MY HEAD UP MY ASS ALL THESE YEARS" now that he has had the time to play around with the classe he sold his 336 and now runs all classe gear. best of luck any questions please feel free to email or call me at my home GINO
Well I can't believe the speakers are your problem. And you seem to have quality power amplification. The 'interesting' part is the processor. I use a Bryston SP-1 which has a bypass for stereo setup which seems to make the N803s sing. By the way I use Pass Labs for amplification.