Audiophile frame of mind

It amazes me how I can justify my audio purchases and don't think much about them with something costing several thousand dollars.  I know this goes with any hobby but I had a funny thought over the weekend.  The last OEM part of my system that I have been considering an upgrade is power cables.  I only have a couple random low end audioquest cables that I got as part of purchases several years ago.  Shunyata recently launched two new lines, Gamma and Theta.  I was thinking about the Gamma and to start with my monoblocks for the first 2 cables of a system that needs 6 total.  It would cost about $1300 for those 2.  That is the same cost of a nice Weber stainless steel grill with a side burner.  I couldn't go forward with getting an official quote on the cables.  Looks like I will be grilling in style this summer!



I just checked out those AMG grills.  That seems to be in the reasonable zone of really investing in a lifelong grill.  If I had a poolside kitchen that was covered and a big family that I spent lots and lots of time that would be on the top of the list.  The Napoleon has a cool searing side burner that you can also cook in a pan/pot.  The rotisserie will also be fun to use.  I have a 36in Viking range top with 4 burners and a 12 in grill inside so have been very lucky the past 12 years.  It is absolutely amazing but sometimes I need more space or just don't want to have all the mess inside.  Cooking is a close 2nd for my hobbies/passions.  My daughter is having a sleepover tonight and these 12 yo girls got table side guac and head-on cooked shrimp cocktail for apps with a homemade pizza coming later.



Very good observations. That was my intent in obtaining my next grill, lifelong, or as long as that grill will last. We were planning our retirement house and I conducted extensive research. In our previous house, we had a built in outdoor kitchen with a Lion grill which I opted over others, including Viking or Wolf. I did not want to invest too much in the outdoor kitchen since we were going to move sometime to our next home.

I was fortunate to get the AMG grill as a dealer demo since it sat on the display floor for a few years. They wanted to offload it and even offer delivery. I ordered the grill a week after my back surgery. My wife says the meds must have made me loopy because the first purchase scenario was the full list price. My wife said I was crazy and I argue that this was for life and would serve as a kitchen. When I tried to make the order, it was out of stock at the main warehouse and they stopped making the AMG during this time. I called the company and asked if they knew of any dealers that had remaining stock. Found one in Baltimore. The rest is history.

We feel very fortunate. It was perfect timing as the demo price was for a brand new grill, cover, gloves, two infrared burners, grill hood support, and griddle. They wanted to offload it to clear the floor. Price was less than half of list price. Pure 304 stainless steel throughout makes it a great outdoor grill. 

I just added a Breo 32 smokeless fire pit with all of the grill accessories. 

when you are ready, obtain the BEST POSSIBLE cables you can, they’re a VERY IMPORTANT piece of gear, no less important fhan a preamp, DAC, amp…listen well.