Apparition Speaker Cables

The new cable line from Rick Shultz former High Fidelity Cables . Are really quite good. I think they are much improve over the original High Fidelity cables. They replaced my Transparent Reference MM2 speaker cables. Transparent makes some nice cables. At first listening the Hi and Mids where only slightly better. But the more time i got on them they pulled away. The bass i think at first Transparent was just a touch lower. But the Apparition where quicker and have more snap or power behind them. Now that i have a bout 30 hours on them they have tied Transparent in the lower octaves, but much quicker snap. There is a greater notice of clarity in the sound, and no harshness. A very smooth presentation and detailed sound. It has a richness to it that is very enjoyable The more listening sessions i have with the cable the sounds just gets better. The cable itself is much different looking than the High Fidelity of old cables. Gone are the heavy medal looking wave guides. Now they are a carbon fiber guide, still tube in shape, Now they come with a pedestal stand that raises them off the floor a couple inches. Also the wire is different in color gone is that white wire. The new wire has a more rust or copper shade to it. Rick told me that the newer wire is a up grade form the original. I think the wave guide is sleeker or sexy looking  more than before. More of a show piece look to it very finished.




Are you kidding? This guy walked away from two other businesses and now he gets to start a third? And his cables keep getting better every time. Sorry but that sounds a little loopy in my opinion. I’m sorry but you’re description of what these speaker cable sounded like was word salad. I’ve never seen anything so wacky in my entire life

@raysmtb1 He never owned High Fidelity Cables, it was funded by some rich audiophiles and they chose to close the business. Apparition is now Ricks own thing and he should be supported, not lied about and smeared like you have just done.