Any comfortable Quality headphones...

...without spending fortune? I own old Sony MDR-V600 that are falling apart and they are HOT and uncomfortable. Thanks!
I have to agree with the Senn 600 or 580 recommendation. In the past I tried various brands and models and was never able to listen to them for more than 30 minutes or so. All were hot and uncomfortable. But even worse was the sound. On a chance I bought a pair of Senn 580 for $140. What a difference!! I've been able to wear these cans for over an hour without *any* discomfort. Even better is the sound. However, the Senn's really need a headphone amp to sound their best. The only cans I like better, and for rock/pop only, are the Grado SR60s - they are hot, but not too uncomfortable.
I also agree about the Senn 580s, or if budget is an issue the 560s are still pretty good. You should however know that part of why they are comfotable is that they are open. So if you are using them to avoid trouble with th neighbor, they will work fine, but others in the same room will hear the music and you will hear them (if that's a problem).
Rather than make a personal recommendation (since ymmv), I would suggest you check out There is a lot of headphone information there--and this question has been covered in great detail. I know you'll find the information you need to make an informed decision.